E-Juice Cigarette flavors
Do to Shortage in product sefruan will be back soon.

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Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota,
Rhode Island, Vermont, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina,
Virgin Islands, Virginia, California, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Utah,
Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Arizona, Indiana,
Nebraska, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Minnesota, South Dakota, West Virginia

Smooth taste More vapor. If you want the Nicotine and the taste of flavor this is the one for you!
Throat hit. Makes little less vapor but gives that throat hit that many smokers love.
If you been smoking for a long time or strong cigarettes this is the one for you! It actually
simulates a real cigarette. Once you gone TH it's hard to go back to the smoother kind.
pg: Propylene glycon. It binds with the flavor
vg: Vegetable Glycerin. It creates the vapor

Last updated August 2013
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